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Greg Isaac

Hi, I am Greg your local Carpet Layer.

Are you looking for experienced tradesman with a wealth of knowledge of 35 years in the industry. From domestic applications to commercial. I am always happy to solve your problem, even if you just have a query and not sure if your job can be fixed.

Mission Statement

Keys to success, Do the job once, your home is my home for the time doing the job for you, I am into detail as my web page reflects, Ethically and my mind set is do my work like I am doing it for me.

Industry Qualified 35 years’ experience I thrive in my work communication is a key to success for my customer and I, It’s an experience every day we don’t know each other than face value on the day looking to give my 100%

Professional Equipment

Tools of Triade Power Stretcher is my preferred Equipment/Tool to install Carpet Benefits of using a Power Stretcher Longer life on your Carpet as it has even tension across the floor when laid. Ive gone back to jobs 18 years later after laying it and found the carpet to be flat as the day I laid it. This to me tells me that power stretching is the best method for all carpet to laid with exception to stairs as you can not use this tool on stairs. Knee Kickers are used by many carpet layer long term can damage your hips and kneecaps and Tension of your carpet wont be as good as Power Stretching.


Gold Bonding tap is my preference it’s the best on the market the holding quality of Gold is the best money can buy. Laying Carpet over Ceramic tiles and Terrazzo made easy these day a home of carpet can be installed in one day no more drill and pugs any more the glues used you can lay the carpet with a power stretcher in an hour.

Ramps and Levelling compounds

If you have a height different Bathrooms entry there is an easy fix MDF 8mm Ramp and 12 mm Ramps. If this cant be used as the height difference is higher than 12 mm we can build up the area with Adit such as A45 it will dry to a suitable level to get job done with in an Hour.

I also do discounted prices for Pensioners. Please do not hesitate to call me on

0431 392 414. Contact

Carpet Laying – Commercial And Domestic

Looking to refresh your home, I can provide all types of vinyl planks and vinyl flooring options to suit your homes design. Vinyl flooring is a great option if you are looking to refresh the look of your home on a budget, it is cost effective and we can create both traditional and contemporary looks. Some of the benefits of choosing vinyl flooring: Stain Resistance..

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Carpet Repairs

We work with all types of carpet and can promptly and successfully lay your carpet in both residential and commercial properties. With over 35 years in the industry you can be assured your carpet will be installed by fully qualified carpet layers! Working within your local area I have come to be known as the trusted carpet layer for many home owners and businesses! My..

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Vinyl Laying – Domestic Only

Stains, burns, tears or loose carpet don't always require a complete replacement. The A1 Carpet Man can look at repairing your carpet to save you time and money. As an expert in the industry I am able to replace a patch of carpet and have it looking completely unnoticeable. Repairing carpets can extend the lifespan of most carpets. Not only do I repair carpets, I..

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Can you repair a burn or stain on my carpet

- Yes, I can repair.

What if I do not have a spare patch of carpet for you to use?

- If you have a built in wardrobe/Sliding wardrobe or under a staircase we can use that to do the repair.

Will you be able to see the replaced patch of carpet?

- Depending on the age and traffic were the Damaged has happen and using a less worn peace of carpet yes it may be noticeable but long term with use will blend in.

How much does carpet repair cost?

- Cost is $200 with GST and you can pay via EFT or Cash whatever is convenient for you.

Do you quote over the phone?

- Yes I can give you a price over the phone.

Do you sell/supply carpets?

- No I do not Supply or Sell Carpet.

How long does it take lay new carpet/vinyl?

- Depending on the Size of the job most 3 Bedroom homes and small lounge around a day to complete

Can you help move my furniture out of the way before re-laying?

- Sure I have equipment that makes moving furniture easy to move especial heavy furniture.