Some questions I have been asked over the years:When I am laying carpets, is it good that your sub floor is clean, flat and smooth before your carpet is laid.All my work over the years has always been power stretch. Power stretches have been around for the past 30 years. It tensions the carpet up tort so for the life of the carpet it will never bubble or wear incorrectly. It is laid to Australian standards. Some other layers may just kick your carpet out and that is why your carpet may look like a ocean some where down the track. Which is a good rule of thumb to know this.

Sometimes customers worry about joins. The glue technology used today, your join will be as good as the day your carpet was laid. Things have changed over the years and some products on the market do need joins to latex prior to heat bonding. I also repair burns, bubbles and tears. If you are looking for carpet I can always help you out as well.